In-House Refurbishment & Maintenance Service

Pump Refurbishment & Conversion
 Quick turnaround with a machining centre capable of sawing, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, welding, sandblasting,ultrasonic cleaning & hydraulic pressing.
Capable to fully dismantle, clean-up, inspect & upgrade or replace casing, shaft, bearing, adjustment & balancing of impeller, rebuild & adjustment & balancing of impeller, rebuild & replacement of bushing, replace of lip seals.
Convert compression packing to mechanical seal.
Quality assurance with hydro-static & air testing.
Mechanical Seal Refurbishment & Conversion
 bullet  Automated lapping machine & light band inspection station to provide quality servicing.
 bullet Ready stock with wide range of mechanical seal in various design size & materials.
 bullet Clean up, inspect, grinding & lapping of mechanical seal faces, rebuild of metal parts, replace of o-ring & spring, replace of badly worn seal with new seal.
 bullet Confidence buy-off through air integrity test.
Valve Refurbishement & Testing
 bullet  Dismantle, clean up, assess, blasting of the valve body & bonnet, replace stem gland packing, o-ring & gasket.
 bullet Correct surface irregularity & “out of round” of ball by automatic lapping & polishing machine.
 bullet Machining of Teflon seat.
 bullet Perform hydrostatic test on valve body & seat tightness test.
Valve Seat & Teflon Machining
 bullet Extensive experience in precision machining of Teflon seats for valves.  ......
 bullet Manufacture customised Teflon parts.