Gasket Express

Rapid Response
bullet  A dedicated team waiting to take your call.
bullet  A prompt quotation and rapid turnaround.
bullet Compatible with all common CAD file formats
    (dxf, dwg etc.)for speed accuracy.
Flexible Competitive Service
bullet  Ultra-fast set-up-responsive, flexible, no minimum quantity.
bullet  No expensive tooling charges.
bullet  Customised shapes and profiles.
bullet  Maximum material utilisation.
bullet  Ideal for prototyping.
bullet  Excellent fabrication and joining capabilities.
Material Range
A huge rage of stocked materials, including :
bullet  Compressed fibre jointings – carbon, glass, Aramid fibres etc.
bullet  Expanded graphite based jointings – plain and metal
bullet  Specialist PTFE jointings.
bullet  Rubber and sponges – commercial and specification grades.
bullet  Cork/Elastomer based jointings the Nebar® range.
bullet  Metal/Alloys – Aluminium, Copper, Carbon/Alloy/Stainless
    Steel,Titanium etc.
bullet  Plastics, laminates, composites stc. 
   Virtually anything !
Cutting Technology
bullet  State of the art cutting equipment.
bullet  Precision profiling.
bullet  No tooling required.